Data Center Group

Data Center Group

The Data Center Group (DCG) offers products that are incorporated into servers, storage, workstations, and other products that help make up the infrastructure for data center and cloud computing environments. DCG's products include microprocessors and related chipsets, and motherboards and wired connectivity devices.

Our current server, workstation, and storage microprocessor offerings include the Intel® Xeon® processor and the Intel® Itanium® processor. Our Intel Xeon processor family of products supports a range of entry-level to high-end technical and commercial computing applications such as Internet Protocol data centers. Compared to our Intel Xeon processor family, our Intel Itanium processor family generally supports an even higher level of reliability and computing performance for data processing, handling high transaction volumes, and other compute-intensive applications for enterprise-class servers, as well as supercomputing solutions. Servers, which usually have multiple microprocessors or cores working together, manage large amounts of data, direct data traffic, perform complex transactions, and control central functions in local and wide area networks and on the Internet. Workstations typically offer higher performance than standard desktop PCs and are used for applications such as engineering design, digital content creation, and high-performance computing. With the large growth in digital content, external storage systems, such as storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS), require higher bandwidth and improved processing performance.

Our new product offerings in 2009 and early 2010 include:

  • Quad-core Intel Itanium processors with enhanced scalability and reliability features, designed for mission-critical computing.
  • Dual- and quad-core Intel Xeon processors based on our latest generation Intel Core microarchitecture, including multiple quad-core Intel Xeon processors designed for use in entry-level servers for small businesses and educational settings.
  • Server motherboards that offer a higher degree of integrated components.

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