Exhibit 99.2


Statement Under Oath of Principal Executive Officer and Principal Financial Officer Regarding Facts and Circumstances Relating to Exchange Act Filings

I, Andy D. Bryant, state and attest that:

     (1)  To the best of my knowledge, based upon a review of the covered reports of Intel Corporation,
            and, except as corrected or supplemented in a subsequent covered report:

     (2)  I have reviewed the contents of this statement with the Company's audit committee.

     (3)  In this statement under oath, each of the following, if filed on or before the date of this
            statement, is a "covered report":


Signature: /s/ Andy D. Bryant            
Name: Andy D. Bryant                 Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th day of August 2002.
Title: Executive Vice President   
Chief Financial Officer      
/s/ T. Smith  
Notary Public My Commission Expires:  July 15, 2004
Date: August 7, 2002