Exhibit 21


(All 100% Owned)

Subsidiaries of the Registrant
  State or other Jurisdiction of Incorporation
Componentes Intel de Costa Rica, S.A.   Costa Rica
DSP Communications, Inc.   Delaware, USA
Dialogic Corporation   New Jersey, USA
GIGA A/S   Denmark
Intel Commodities Limited   Cayman Islands
Intel Corporation (UK) Limited   United Kingdom
Intel Electronics Limited   Israel
Intel International BV   Netherlands
Intel Ireland Limited   Cayman Islands
Intel Kabushiki Kaisha   Japan
Intel Massachusetts, Inc.   Delaware, USA
Intel Overseas Corporation   California, USA
Intel Products (M) Sdn. Bhd.   Malaysia
Intel Puerto Rico, Inc.   California, USA
Intel Semiconductor Limited   Delaware, USA
Intel Technology Phils, Inc.   Philippines
Intel Technology Sdn. Berhad   Malaysia
Level One Communications, Inc.   Delaware, USA
Mission College Investments Limited   Cayman Islands