Exhibit 21.1


SUBSIDIARIES (All 100% Owned)


Subsidiaries of the Registrant


State or Other Jurisdiction of Incorporation

Componentes Intel de Costa Rica, S.A.    Costa Rica
Intel Americas, Inc.    Delaware, U.S.
Intel Asia Holding Limited    Hong Kong
Intel Benelux B.V.    Netherlands
Intel Capital (Cayman) Corporation    Cayman Islands
Intel Capital Corporation    Delaware, U.S.
Intel China Ltd.    People’s Republic of China
Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd.    England and Wales
Intel Electronics Finance Limited    Cayman Islands
Intel Electronics Ltd.    Israel
Intel Europe, Inc.    California, U.S.
Intel Holdings B.V.    Netherlands
Intel International    California, U.S.
Intel Investment Management Limited    Cayman Islands
Intel Ireland Limited    Cayman Islands
Intel Israel (74) Limited    Israel
Intel Israel Holdings B.V.    Netherlands
Intel Kabushiki Kaisha    Japan
Intel Massachusetts, Inc.    Delaware, U.S.
Intel Mobile Communications GmbH    Germany
Intel Overseas Funding Corporation    Cayman Islands
Intel Semi Conductors, Ltd.    Israel
Intel Semiconductor (Dalian) Ltd.    People’s Republic of China
Intel Semiconductor (US) Limited    Delaware, U.S.
McAfee, Inc.    Delaware, U.S.
Mission College Investments Ltd.    Cayman Islands
Wind River Systems, Inc.    Delaware, U.S.




As of December 29, 2012.