Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Investments (Tables)

Investments (Tables)
3 Months Ended
Mar. 30, 2024
Investments, Debt and Equity Securities [Abstract]  
Investments Classified by Contractual Maturity Date [Table Text Block]
The fair value of marketable debt investments, by contractual maturity, as of March 30, 2024, was as follows:
(In Millions) Fair Value
Due in 1 year or less
$ 5,579 
Due in 1–2 years
Due in 2–5 years
Due after 5 years
Instruments not due at a single maturity date1
Total $ 17,844 
1 Instruments not due at a single maturity date is comprised of money market fund deposits, which are classified as either short-term investments or cash and cash equivalents.
Investment [Table Text Block]
(In Millions) Mar 30, 2024 Dec 30, 2023
Marketable equity securities1
$ 1,471  $ 1,194 
Non-marketable equity securities
4,664  4,630 
Equity method investments
Total $ 6,139  $ 5,829 
1    Approximately 90% of our marketable equity securities are subject to trading-volume or market-based restrictions, which limit the number of shares we may sell in a specified period of time, impacting our ability to liquidate these investments. Certain of the trading volume restrictions generally apply for as long as we own more than 1% of the outstanding shares. Market-based restrictions result from the rules of the respective exchange.
Gain (Loss) on Securities [Table Text Block]
The components of gains (losses) on equity investments, net for each period were as follows:
  Three Months Ended
(In Millions)
Mar 30, 2024 Apr 1, 2023
Ongoing mark-to-market adjustments on marketable equity securities
$ (91) $ 188 
Observable price adjustments on non-marketable equity securities
24  10 
Impairment charges
(69) (36)
Sale of equity investments and other1
Total gains (losses) on equity investments, net $ 205  $ 169 

1 Sale of equity investments and other includes initial fair value adjustments recorded upon a security becoming marketable, realized gains (losses) on sales of non-marketable equity investments and equity method investments, and our share of equity method investee gains (losses) and distributions.