Engagement & Outreach

Proactively Engaging with Our Stockholders

Our relationship with our stockholders is an important part of Intel’s success and we have a long tradition of engaging with our stockholders and obtaining their perspectives. Our integrated outreach team, led by our Investor Relations team, Corporate Responsibility office, and the Corporate Secretary’s office, engages proactively with our stockholders, maintaining a two-way, year-round governance calendar as show below in the graphic. This integrated team meets with our stockholders, monitors developments in corporate governance and social responsibility, and in consultation with our Board, thoughtfully adopts and applies developing practices in a manner that best supports our business and culture. We believe that our approach to engaging openly with our investors on topics such as financial issues, corporate governance, executive compensation, and corporate responsibility drives increased corporate accountability, improves decision making, and ultimately creates long-term value. We are committed to:

  • Accountability. Drive and support leading corporate governance and board practices to ensure oversight, accountability, and good decision making.
  • Transparency. Maintain high levels of transparency on a range of financial, governance, and corporate responsibility issues to build trust and sustain two-way dialogue that supports our business success.
  • Engagement. Proactively engage with stockholders and stakeholder groups in dialogue on a range of topics to identify emerging trends and issues to inform our thinking and approach.

In addition to our regular integrated outreach team engagements, we hold a series of meetings every year with many of our institutional stockholders focused on environmental, social and governance performance and disclosure. We pursue multiple avenues for stockholder engagement, including in-person and teleconference meetings with our stockholders, participating at various conferences, and issuing periodic reports on our activities. Through these activities, we discuss and receive input, provide additional information, and address questions on our corporate strategy, executive compensation programs, corporate governance, and other topics of interest to our stockholders, such as our corporate responsibility activities discussed above. These engagement efforts with our stockholders allow us to better understand our stockholders’ priorities and perspectives, and provide us with useful input concerning our corporate strategy and our compensation and corporate governance practices. We actively engage with our stockholders on a year-round basis and integrate the information we learn through these activities into our governance calendar, as reflected below.

Outreach Program at a Glance