Board and Governance

The Board oversees, counsels, and directs management in the long-term interests of the company and our stockholders.

The Board’s responsibilities include:

  • overseeing the conduct of our business and the assessment of our business and other enterprise risks to evaluate whether the business is being properly managed;
  • planning for CEO succession and monitoring management’s succession planning for other senior executives;
  • reviewing and approving our major financial objectives, strategy, operating plans, and other significant actions;
  • selecting the CEO, evaluating CEO performance, and determining the compensation of the CEO and other executive officers; and
  • overseeing our processes for maintaining the integrity of our financial statements and other public disclosures, and our compliance with law and ethics.
  • The Board oversees administration and interpretation of, and compliance with, the Board of Directors Guidelines on Significant Corporate Governance Issues (Corporate Governance Guidelines), which compare favorably under the Investor Stewardship Group’s (ISG) Corporate Governance Framework for U.S. Listed Companies.

Board Diversity Matrix

Our Board of Directors is committed to building a Board with diverse experiences and backgrounds. In 2014, our Board formally adopted its commitment to actively seek women and minority candidates for the pool from which Board candidates are chosen. Representation of gender, race, ethnic, geographic, cultural, or other diverse perspectives expands the Board’s understanding of the needs and viewpoints of our customers, partners, employees, governments, and other stakeholders worldwide. Below please find a matrix reflecting some of the diverse backgrounds of the directors on our Board, as required by Nasdaq’s listing standards.

Board Diversity Matrix (As March 31, 2023)
Board Size:
Total Number of Directors 12
  Female Male Non-Binary Did Not Disclose Gender
Gender Identity:
Directors 4 7 - 1
Number of Directors Who Identify in Any of the Categories Below:
African American or Black 1 - - -
Alaskan Native or Native American - - - -
Asian 1 2 - -
Hispanic or Latinx - - - -
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander - - - -
White 2 5 - 1
Two or More Races or Ethnicities - - - -
Did Not Disclose Demographic Background -
Born Outside of the U.S. 4

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